Archivist/urban researcher

Launched in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), the interdis- ciplinary art and research project TRANSURBAN will come to Antwerp in September 2018 to document the city’s urban art and add this new content to the existing online database. The archival work is accompanied by a varied artistic and art mediation program consisting of panel discussions, guided city tours, workshops, live paintings and music. A well-equipped o ce container at an easily accessible location in Antwerp city will serve as the project’s work space and public information point.

  • TRANSURBAN - Urban Art Archieve, Antwerpen
  • Type: Bijzonder statuut

Over deze job

We are looking for a motivated collaborator with a background in art, cultural and/or urban studies and an interest in urban art and culture. You should have a good local knowledge on Antwerp ́s city landscape, trained editorial skills, good handling of photo camera a proactive working attitude and good communicative skills (in Dutch and English). Your job duties include:

  • archival work: identifying and collecting information on urban art in Antwerp (artists, artworks, stakeholders/ins- titutions, publications) in the eld and via networking.
  • maintaining a digital database (CMS, Word Press), creating editorial and visual content (photographic documentation)
  • assisting in the realization of events (symposium, city tours)
  • preparatory work and planning guided city tours
  • public relations work / service at information point

Bijkomende info

  • Please send us your resume and your letter of application via Email. The contact details are as followed: info(a)

Gepost op 2018-06-05