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amy is a full-fledged cloud-based art management tool for all professional artistic practices. Our goal is to make professional art management accessible to every passionate player in the art field, regardless of their position. This includes artists, galleries, collectors, but also restorers, art schools, art insurers, art transporters and all other art-related services. With our app our clients can take intelligent control of all the movements their artworks make such as exhibitions, locations, purchases, sales, conditions, loan, promotion, proposals... amy supports art practices with a data driven back office to effectively improve professional attitude and scope. Good art management is an art.

  • AMY HQ, Antwerpen
  • Type: Stage
  • Deadline: 2/12/2022

Over deze job

As an internship in our start-up, you are being put in a unique position to acquire essential skills and knowledge. It will be your task to contribute to the development of our communication strategy, in support of our sales initiatives.

  • develop user-centric content to capture attention and win over users
  • implement targeted digital marketing and content strategy to convert leads to customers

In order to be able to achieve this, we want you to

  • carry out UX research through quantitative and qualitative studies
  • develop customized journeys and funnels in relationship to different target groups
  • create the copyright & the content for social media and emailing campaigns
  • carry out the implementation of the campaigns
  • analyze the impact and adjust & improve the approach

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Gepost op 2022-11-01