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argos centre for audiovisual arts facilitates the presentation, production, and study of critical audiovisual arts through archival and distribution services, exhibitions and various programmes, a screening space and a research library. argos considers the audiovisual arts as a way of looking at and understanding the world. Active since 1989, it fosters dialogue with a broad range of institutional and non-institutional partners, both in Brussels and beyond, to support a multitude of voices in society and to seek new ways to engage its audiences. Through its various activities, argos wants to understand the past, hold the present and shape the future of the audiovisual arts.

  • Argos centre for audiovisual arts, Brussel
  • Type: Deeltijds
  • Deadline: 31/7/2024

Over deze job

You lead the IT department of argos. You determine which IT systems meet the needs of colleagues and visitors. You are responsible for the maintenance, the development and the implementation of the applications. You manage your own budget.

  • organise and centralise IT infrastructure related tasks:
    • perform and document LTO backups of servers
    • document workflows and create inventories of our external services (AWS, ..)
    • monitor and implement a regular maintenance program for all IT hardware (server / printers / firewall & router)
  • archive specific tasks:
    • maintain and write scripts (video conversion, shelf-marks, custom applications, ..)
    • database maintenance (currently postgres)
  • manage IT budget
  • research, propose sustainable digital practices
  • source, setup and maintain office computers and workstations (mostly Mac)
  • create and maintain accounts (Google Workspace, VPN, domain names, ..)
  • coordinate and work in tandem with an external IT adviser (focused on data management)
  • advise on web development, manage external developers
  • help develop an organisational digital strategy

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Gepost op 2024-06-13